Our Teachers

Cheryl Del Bel
Teacher Cheryl
Head of school
Working in early years education is a career path that provides great joy and so many rewards. I feel privileged to be part of a school which provides such an enriching and caring environment for young learners to develop, investigate and explore their creativity and imagination. Watching the students and teachers work together in the path of learning and observing the tremendous development each student makes through the course of a school year brings me great pride. It is always a pleasure to come to school at Kidz Village!
Teacher Bianca
Lead Class Teacher
I believe that a classroom should be a safe, caring environment where children are free to speak their mind, blossom and grow. I really love teaching because I am able to interact with children who have different personalities, opinions and ways of thinking. Teaching is a process of learning from your students, colleagues and parents and I can’t wait to start learning!
Teacher Nancy
Lead Class Teacher
I believe when a child has rich, high quality early childhood experiences with stimulating activities enhancing his or her development, the child wins.
Teacher Megan
Lead Class Teacher

The experiences that children have in their early years can shape and influence them later in life. However, every child learns in different ways and at their own pace. That is why I believe that my role as an early years teacher is to help them explore the world around them, make mistakes and learn from them, express themselves without judgment, and become independent and confident learners. I hope to help the children develop socially, emotionally, physically, and cognitively, in ways that best suit them as individuals. That way, they may continue to use these skills for life-long learning.

Teacher Emilou
Teacher Assistant
Teaching is like cooking. To produce good quality food, you need to use good quality ingredients. In education we can compare the ingredients to the teaching method, strategies, and techniques, and the products are the learnings of the students. I believe that teaching can ignite the curiosity, knowledge and wisdom of all students. It is self- fulfilling to witness the change of every child.
Teacher Che
Teacher Assistant

I believe teaching is more than just a passion. It is imparting a part of you to your students’ lives. It is a great responsibility indeed, but I also believe it is fulfilling and enjoyable. I feel fulfilled and I feel great joy whenever I see my students learning new things. 

Rhodora D. Valencia
Teacher Assistant

Personal Statement :
I believe that teachers are best known for the role of instructing and coaching the students’ educational process, but being a teacher requires a heart as well. Students need to feel welcomed, cared for and loved.

As Robert John Meehan said, “ Every child has a different learning style and pace, each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also of succeeding”.

Jamie Helene Shee
Lead Teacher

Personal Statement
Ever since I was young, I have had a love for teaching. It is just so rewarding to watch children learn, grow and be able to express themselves. I believe that a classroom is a place for the students to explore new skills and be creative. I am so thankful to be a teacher here at Kids Village!