Our Teachers

Cheryl Del Bel

Teacher Cheryl

Head of school
I find working in the educational field to be rewarding both personally and professionally. The early years setting is particularly fascinating as we witness the incredible growth and development children from birth to age 6 undergo. In my time at Kidz Village I have had the opportunity to watch the school develop and prepare many young learners for their next steps in education and life. I am proud to be a member of the Kidz Village community, and look forward to continued success in providing a quality learning environment and fostering positive and supportive relationships with our students and families.
Teacher Bianca

Teacher Bianca

Lead Class Teacher
I believe that all children are special and unique and must have a stimulating classroom environment where they are able to develop and grow emotionally, mentally, socially and physically. I hope that I am able to help these children meet their full potential in a safe environment where they are able to share ideas, take risks and be themselves.
Nancy Dalasiri Sivilai

Teacher Nancy

Lead Class Teacher
My role as the teacher is to help make the curriculum fit each individual child’s learning level appropriately. This makes it possible for each child to develop a higher level of thinking skills, technology skills, social and communication skills for today’s society and tomorrow’s future. Each child needs real experiences with objects, people, events, exploration and activities for their whole development in social, cognitive, language and physical skills.
James Pepper

Teacher James

Lead Class Teacher
I’m interested in how Early Years students learn to create and negotiate rules, and how this reflects their growing independence. I’m also interested in how students learn to respect and care for objects and people within shared environments such as the classroom, encouraging them to take pride in their own behavior, ability and surroundings. In relation to these areas, I’m interested in how humor can be used by both students and teachers to open spaces which re-enforce independent learning.
Teacher Tara-1

Teacher Tara

Lead Class Teacher
I believe the best way for children to learn is through self-directed hands-on experience in a safe and purposeful environment. Even when guided though goal-oriented learning activities, children will thrive when they are allowed to be active in individualizing their own learning. I believe consistency, a positive and purposeful classroom space, and working closely with the family at home, are all absolutely key in supporting a child explore their full potential!
Famela Ann D. Panibawan

Teacher Famela

Teacher Assistant
I love working with young children. They learn something from me and I learn from them. One thing is that, children learn from their mistakes and you should allow them to try to do things independently and not try to prevent them from making any mistakes. By making mistakes they learn how to become better.
Atitaya Sangjan

Teacher Neung

Teacher Assistant
I very much enjoy being around children and love to be able to teach them. I feel that all children deserve to have the highest quality education that can be provided for them. I believe that teachers can learn from their teaching , also can be a good example for them such as being kind, generous, respectful and empathic to children and their parents. I know that I can make a valuable contribution not just to their academic knowledge but to their development as people. I believe in myself that I can teach them to be good people not just in academic areas but also engaged in this process that I will inspire them to do the right thing when no one’s watching, and when everyone is watching
Somkid Keamairak (Taew)

Teacher Taew

Teacher Assistant
An important aspect of caring for children is attention to safety. It is also important to trust and understand the child. When the child is happy, we are happy too
Rechelou Erine – Batomalaque (Che)

Teacher Che

Teacher Assistant
I believe teaching is more than just a passion. It is imparting a part of you to your students’ lives. It is a great responsibility.