Announcement: Virus Prevention

23 February 2020 Re: COVID-19 Update Dear All, In the interest of safeguarding our community and supporting the prevention of spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Kidz Village will place a mandatory absence on those who have travelled through or been in contact with individuals coming from regions heavily affected by the virus. We will […]

Promoting Independence and Self-Confidence – attachment perspective

Developing self-confidence and promoting independence is essential at any age but even more so in a child’s formative years. A child must have positive feelings about themselves, such as generally believing that they are a good person and are capable of carrying out everyday tasks. Right from birth, through the teenage years and into adulthood, […]

Boundaries are healthy – saying no is good for your child

Many parents are reluctant to say “no” to their child, falsely believing that it makes them a bad parent. However, if you don’t say “no” you are doing them a disservice as saying no helps children to navigate emotions and build resilience for situations that don’t meet the child’s expected outcomes. It is natural that […]

Air Quality and Kids: How to Keep Them Safe from Pollution

In a busy city such as Bangkok, the hot, dry days can lead to increases in air pollution that can make outdoor physical activities not only unpleasant but also unsafe. It is therefore vital that outdoor activities involving children are scheduled around periods when the air quality is better. Understanding the causes and effects of […]

Nine Steps towards Teaching your Child Self-Discipline

Instilling in your child self-discipline is something that should be considered after infancy when the initial joy and pleasure of having your baby bond with you is one its first experiences. However, this blissful state of being comes to an end sooner or later, depending on the rate of development of each individual baby.    While […]

Addressing the Pernicious Problem of Picky Preschool Eaters

Children are just a bastion of possibility, aren’t they? That’s part of the reason that we love them. Your child could grow up to be anything. As such, you always want to teach your child to be discerning. You want to be sure that your child grows up knowing right from wrong and quality from […]

Setting Limits with Electronics

The most important time in a child’s development is during the formative years of kindergarten. Kindergarten prepares a child for his or her academic schooling. It also assists him or her in developing socialization skills and enhancing physical mobility. Therefore, the kindergarten program that you select is critical to your child’s later performance in the […]